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Tree Planting and Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery by qualified surgeons from Bromley

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Tree Surgery

Our qualified tree surgeons and arborists can maintain and manage your trees, regardless of size or type.

Whether you are looking for tree felling, stump grinding or reducing/removing the crown of your tree – we are here to help.

Our team have a wealth of experience as we have dealt with trees in the local area for over twenty years!

We understand the risks and dangers involved with larger trees and take the necessary precautions to ensure the job is completed carefully and leaves your garden looking great.

In addition to pruning and shaping of all tree types (normally during the winter months), we undertake tar washing of fruit trees to minimise the impact of disease, prolong life and improve appearance.

Tree Planting

If you would like a new tree, we will be pleased to advise on those which will thrive best in your garden.

If you need to replace a dead or dying tree, we will fell and dispose of the old one, removing the stump to below ground level. We can supply plant specimens of all different sizes depending on your space.

Our Tree Surgery Service:

  • Qualified tree surgeons & arborists
  • Stump grinding
  • Removing the crown of the tree

Our Tree Planting Service:

  • Trees planted with supports
  • A range of specimens and sizes