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Garden Clearance

Removing garden waste and rejuvenating overgrown garden spaces

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Garden Clearance

It is far too easy to let a garden get overgrown and out of place, it starts with a couple of weeds growing through the cracks and soon leads to knee-high grass and all manner of unwanted shrubs taking over!

Before you know it, you have a jungle on your hands and as much as a jungle can be charming, it has no place in your garden where you go to relax. This is the time when you call professionals to help you clear your garden & tackle this wilderness.

In our current fast-paced life, a neglected or overgrown garden can create an overwhelming amount of work for which we don’t always have time. This is why our team offers thorough and rejuvenating garden clearance services to the people of Bromley and surrounding areas.

We are here to help you to bring your garden back to life!

Shed Clearance & Removal

We take away the effort of having to remove large, awkward, unwanted sheds (and bases). We can help with both clearance and removal, as a stepping stone to get you once step closer to building your garden of dreams.

Rubbish & Garden Waste Removal

As a part of the garden clearance services, we remove any rubbish and garden waste. We can dispose of sheds, fences, greenhouses, walls, patios, etc. Ensuring a perfect starting point from which you can build your perfect garden retreat.

Once we have cleared your garden, we will be happy to discuss an ongoing maintenance plan with you to keep your garden looking in great shape moving forward. We recycle as much as possible when we tidy and clear gardens reducing the carbon footprint in the process.

Garden Clearance Bromley

We can remove:

  • Garden waste
  • Fences & walls
  • Sheds & greenhouses
  • Old patios

We can clean up overgrown spaces:

  • Clearing bramble
  • Removing weeds
  • Cutting grass
  • Removing shrubs